Why Physical Therapy is Needed

Physical therapists are very helpful in working with people to maintain and be able to perform daily activities that include movement. Their job is to not only diagnose if physical therapy Denver is needed but to promote the exercises and stretches needed for movements in muscles to be as they should. They also want to make sure to show patients how to prevent further harm to these muscles. There are many reasons why Denver physical therapy could be needed.

After Surgery or Avoiding Surgery

Physical therapy is often prescribed by the surgeon for after a surgery is performed. This is in order to get the muscles and joints back to the range of motion they were prior to the surgery. If muscles are not used, a person is limited to what they can do with them. Therapy can also be used to prevent having to have surgery. For example, in sports-related injuries after the muscles rest, certain stretches can be used to get them performing in the correct way. A physical therapist is needed in this situation to show the correct way to perform the stretches and dictate what stretches need to be done.

Pain Reduction

If a person is having chronic pain, physical therapists can help eliminate it by the showing of exercises to relieve the pressure. They do this by looking for areas around the pain which may be causing stiffness. It could also be a weaker area around the center of the pain causing it.This is an excellent drug-free and natural way to rid any discomfort from constant muscle and bone aches. This includes any pain coming from diseases such as arthritis.

Enhance Mobility

After an injury, the body does not just return to normal as some people may think. Without physical therapy, scar tissue can form and cause long-term pain and injury. A treatment plan with a variety of exercises will be given to a patient and this is designed specifically to increase mobility in the area of injury. They will target specific muscles to gain strength. Once a person is stronger in the injured area, they will have better mobility and be able to perform more activities.

Recovering from a Stroke

After a person has a stroke, certain areas of their body may go numb. Working with a physical therapist will not only help this person gain their strength back but it can also improve their balance and functionality in daily routines.

Denver physical therapy is needed for a wide variety of reasons. It is usually covered by most insurance plans. Physical therapists can perform their job in hospitals, rehab facilities, and in private homes. If you are dealing with a situation where physical therapy is needed, get an evaluation sooner rather than later to avoid future problems.


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